Communion of the Saints

Some congregations are very large, consisting of hundreds of people, several office bearers, and many small children milling around. Other congregations are quite small. Maybe they’re without a pastor of their own, only a few office bearers, and only a few young ones who usually have the attention of every member of the congregation. But … Continue reading Communion of the Saints

Living to Glorify God

It is so easy to forget why God put us on this earth sometimes. Why, God? we ask. Some days I even find myself thinking I have the right purpose—serving others. I love to help others and often use it to justify that of course I’m being godly in what I’m doing. But a lot … Continue reading Living to Glorify God

The Continuity of Christian Service

I wonder sometimes if Jesus ever told His disciples, “You’ve served me for a long time. You’re going through a lot of intense service right now. Your reputations and your physical health, and maybe even your mental well-being, are beginning to wear. You’ve given so much in the service of me and my Father, and … Continue reading The Continuity of Christian Service