Living to Glorify God

It is so easy to forget why God put us on this earth sometimes. Why, God? we ask. Some days I even find myself thinking I have the right purpose—serving others. I love to help others and often use it to justify that of course I’m being godly in what I’m doing. But a lot of times that service ends up being my god, and instead of aiming to glorify God in that service, I am doing it for lots of other reasons. Then I sing a Psalter number or read a Psalm and am once again struck how very wrong I am. We are reminded by so many of the Psalms that our sole purpose is to praise our Father and give Him all honor and glory. Below is a poem I put together, weaving lines of many Psalter numbers throughout—God gave us these songs so we can remember our calling!

Why am I here, on this earth?

Why did my mother give me birth?

Each day will I give thanks to Thee

And all Thy praise proclaim!


What is my purpose in this life?

What can I do amidst the strife?

Sing a new song to Jehovah

For the wonders He hath wrought!


But I am tired, weak, and weary—

How can I be anything but teary?

Sons of men, awake to praise

God the Lord who reigns above!


This life is hard and full of woes—

I have trouble just fighting my foes.

We on Thy lovingkindness dwell,

The wonders of Thy grace!


How can I, a poor and little child—

Speak to the Creator of the wild?

Say ye to God, How terrible

In all thy works art Thou!


But all I can do is so small

Compared to the God who made us all.

All glory, might, and honor

Ascribe to God on high!




Blest be the Lord, our fathers’ God,

Eternal King of kings,

Who only is omnipotent,

Performing wondrous things!

Blest be His great and glorious Name

For evermore, Amen,

And let His glory fill the earth

From shore to shore. Amen.


Psalter numbers in the order they appear in poem: 399:1, 261:1, 295:4, 134:1, 173:2, 183:4, 196

Grace Medema

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