Preparing For a Feast

It’s getting close to the end of the week, and I’m starving! Not physically starving, of course, but spiritually! I need the Bread of Life and the sincere milk of the Word. I want to drink from the fountain of the water of life and never thirst again! I look forward to the day that … Continue reading Preparing For a Feast


We live blessed lives. This might not be at the forefront of our thoughts as our car breaks down, we’re cramming for a hard test, or a family member falls seriously ill. But yet, even in our troubles and stresses we know that God does all things for the good of His children. His love … Continue reading Blessings

Peace through the Blood of the cross

At the close of this week we will gather for worship in order to commemorate the death of our Lord Jesus Christ on “Good Friday.”  This activity of course is not unique to that particular day, as if the commemoration of Christ’s death was not a daily occurrence in our Christian walk. We consider Christ’s … Continue reading Peace through the Blood of the cross