Worthy: Gratitude & Praise (1)

Our lives are filled with thoughts and questions about worth. Is it worth it to take the time and read this article? Is this old thing worth keeping? Should I buy this object now or should I find a sale? Why did God save me when I am not worthy? We ask many questions regarding … Continue reading Worthy: Gratitude & Praise (1)

The Secret to Happiness

The world is always looking for the secret to happiness. People search and spend their whole lives on the mission for something that will give them lasting, long term happiness. They look to money, sex, popularity and many other things for this sense of completion.  Christians have already known the secret though. We were given … Continue reading The Secret to Happiness

Preparing My Heart with Gladness

This Saturday, as we prepare for worshiping our God tomorrow, I can’t help but think of the first verse of Psalter #348: With joy and gladness in my soul I hear the call to prayer; Let us go up to God’s own house And bow before Him there. How glad and joyful I am that … Continue reading Preparing My Heart with Gladness