What Can Separate?

What can separate you from the love of your god? If you had asked participants of almost any religion in history, you would compile a whole list of offences, from items as serious as murder to things as simple as a missed prayer. Some religions would have to confess that their god never loved them … Continue reading What Can Separate?


Recently I finished a book called "Washed Away". It talks about the Flood of 1913 that affected Dayton, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana, among other places.  The massive rainfall associated with this weather system caused significant amounts of  water to fill the streets made a boat the most effective form of transportation in these areas. … Continue reading Floods

Psalm 121

As young people and young adults we rely on various people and objects as we go about our activities during the week. We rely on our parents to provide us with what we need for our daily living, food, shelter and clothing, among other things. We rely on cars, bikes or public transportation to get … Continue reading Psalm 121