Gender Options in the Bathroom

A couple years ago I wrote a piece called "Facebook Gender Options." The topic of that piece was the move by Facebook that gave more gender options to its users beyond male and female. Facebook provided fifty six gender options to be exact. Facebook intended this move to be inclusive of every variant gender identity or "questioning" person under the sun. A … Continue reading Gender Options in the Bathroom

Samples from Seminary – The Power of Repetition

“What one week are we studying this summer?” “The Passion Week” “What does the word ‘passion’ refer to?” “Suffering” “What then is the Passion Week?” “The week of Jesus Christ’s final suffering and death” “On which day did it begin?” “Sunday” “What was the main event of that day?” “Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a … Continue reading Samples from Seminary – The Power of Repetition

Fast Food and Instant Coffee

Some things in life are better when they’re faster, like internet connections, horses and cars (okay, those last two depend on the person). For other things, though, there’s just no substitute for waiting for the real thing. For instance: fast food and instant coffee. Both will do in a pinch when you need a quick … Continue reading Fast Food and Instant Coffee