Welcome to the Real World (4)

I know it’s been a while, but I’m finally going to wrap up this little series, I think. This last article I want to write is about reality. It’s a crazy thing to me that this even needs to be discussed, but I’ve found that in the real world, people simply can’t agree on what … Continue reading Welcome to the Real World (4)

Why We Go To Church

A few months ago Joel Osteen's wife Victoria made the following statement: "when you go to church, you're not doing it for God, you're doing it for yourself." The problem with her comment is not the idea that we benefit from going to church (we certainly do!), but her assertion that the reason we should … Continue reading Why We Go To Church

Welcome to the Real World (1)

When one of my older brothers graduated from high school, apparently my dad shook his hand and said “Welcome to the real world. You have no idea what’s waiting for you.” Now, there are a lot of things about Covenant that I love, and one of the main ones is the immersion in Christian living … Continue reading Welcome to the Real World (1)