The Resurrection of God’s Son

All the Scriptures witness with one accord of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, the wonder of God.

Sometimes even when we least expect it, the Word of God points us to the infinite significance of this wonder.

That is the case in the first chapter of the epistle to the Romans, vs. 3 and 4 where Paul writes, “Jesus Christ our Lord….declared to be the Son of God with power….by the resurrection from the dead.”

We do well to pause and read that statement again, in order to realize the full import of it.

You could pour the thought into other words by saying; Jesus Christ is powerfully set forth as the Son of God by His resurrection from the dead.

That is, Jesus Christ had made Himself known to us as the Son of God.  He did not merely announce it, but He declared it in a most powerful way.  He proved it, beyond a doubt, by rising from the dead.

How do I know then, that Jesus is the Son of God?  How do I know Him as my Lord?  What is the basis for my faith in Him?  Just this, that He proved it to me with power when He arose from the dead.

That is the great practical significance of the resurrection.  It includes all the riches of salvation for us.  For beholding the wonder of the resurrection we confess in faith, as Thomas did, “My Lord and my God!”

This is a short section from an article by Rev. C. Hanko which originally appeared in the March, 1948 issue of the Beacon Lights.

One thought on “The Resurrection of God’s Son

  1. And hence given all his power and being joined to him we ought to rise from the deadness of our sins to new life.


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