Flee to the King

My life, a lie, I can not find a hold, 

So now I keep on falling down and down. 

This pit way down so deep, so lost, so cold. 

I dare not want to find my hope so drowned. 

But never know Thy love so kind and dear, 

To keep on working, running through this pit. 

And never knowing where to run. So near, 

Oh Lord, so help me, keep me, never quit, 

To Thee oh Lord so let me flee. To fly 

So far, to heaven’s courts, so be my goal. 

To Thee oh Lord, so let me run. I sigh 

And how I sing to Thee my King. My soul 

Is Thine, so help me, save me Lord. My heart 

Is yours, comfort and keep me not apart. 



Bryanna VanBaren

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