Event Announcement

The Young Calvinists will be holding a Virtual Young People’s Gathering via Zoom on August 8 from 11am-5pm EST. As a small replacement for the annual young people’s convention, this will feature:

  • mixer games
  • a lecture on heaven by Prof. Gritters
  • discussion groups
  • lunch sponsored by the Fed Board (we’ll send you lunch money!)
  • a talent show
  • and more!

Gather with a small group or simply join from your living room for fellowship with young people from across the country.

For young people who are able to attend in person in Michigan, we will also be hosting an outdoor Singspiration (location to be announced) on Sunday, August 9 at 8 pm, which will also be live-streamed. Sign up for one or both before July 20:

Click here to sign up!

Follow this blog and find us on facebook or instagram for more upcoming details!

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