Personal Testimony: Dana

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control… such profound promises of the spirit! And so incredibly powerful! When I came to know Christ personally, it was a distinct moment, which is not something I had expected would happen.

Looking back now, of course, I see clear evidence of the Spirit’s work in my life for a long time before that. I had recently experienced physical healing that brought joy and peace into my life in such a deep, real way that I knew it could not have come from anything on this earth. As I began to reason and wrestle with what my faith really meant to me, I was, again and again, patiently and lovingly guided back to the person and work of Christ. His gentleness, his love, his promises. All this, until one moment, entirely apart from any searching in the moment, it all clicked. The good news, that is. For me! Mentally, I understood, emotionally I was overwhelmed with the purest of joys, and physically I felt an embrace of assurance that can hardly be described with words. The very first thought in my head was, “I cannot wait to meet this Christ! Wow!” Quite literally, any and all dread of death was completely washed away. Gone. And with overwhelming excitement, my sole desire was to tell the world. Let us not fear going into the world to tell our story! How can we not tell???”


Dana Van Dyke


Editor’s note: This post is part of a series following the words of Psalter #175 to “Come, hear, all ye that fear the Lord, while I with grateful heart record, what God has done for me” (Psalm 66), especially as we face this time of uncertainty. Click here to read the intro to the series, and send us your testimony of how God is working in your life at

One thought on “Personal Testimony: Dana

  1. Dana I would like to know if that wonderful desire to meet Christ is as strong now as it was then, with many other things competing for your desires.


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