How Has Jesus Changed Your Life?

“Come, hear, all ye that fear the Lord,

while I with grateful heart record

what God has done for me;

I cried to him in deep distress,

And now His wondrous grace I bless,

For he has set me free”

~ Psalter #175, verse 3

In Psalm 66, we read a fundamental expression of Christian fellowship: talking to one another about how God has worked in our hearts. It’s easy to forget this when our conversations are filled with our jobs, friends, and weekend plans. And these days, it seems like all we can talk about is the coronavirus.

But during this time of uncertainty, we’d like to spend more time thinking about what God has done for us. We’d like to start a conversation about things that are bigger than a pandemic and that hold more hope than anything we can find on earth. We’d like to help each other look up together at our incredible, sovereign God.  

So while you are reflecting on all the ways your world is changing because of COVID-19, take a minute to reflect on how Jesus has changed your life.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be posting short testimonies from various people of what God has done for them—that might be something that has happened in the last few weeks during quarantine or something much broader. We would love for you to join us.

Come, hear, all you that fear the Lord, and then record your own thoughts on how you see God in your life. Tell a friend and maybe your neighbor, and then send us your thoughts at or message us on Facebook or Instagram.


The Young Calvinists Committee

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