Be Still

How often do we think, “I just need a break,” “I need to slow down,” “I’m just too busy,” or something along those lines? And what do we turn to when we need a rest or we’ve reached our breaking point? 
Maybe after a long day at work, the only thing we want to do is veg out in front of the TV, scroll through Instagram, or curl up with a good book. While none of those things are horrible, they aren’t what we need. God created us to need true rest that we can only find in Him. In Psalm 46:10, we are reminded by God through the Psalmist that to know God and experience Him we have to BE STILL. The list above seems harmless, but instead of helping to clear our minds to focus on our most important God, we fill our brains with so much pointless information. 
Jennie Allen puts it this way in her book Nothing to Prove:
“When Jesus promises us rest, He almost always is talking about soul rest. It’s why most of the ways we try to rest actually make our insides more chaotic. Netflix, sleep, Facebook— all fall short because nothing but Jesus can bring rest to the chaos inside of us.” 

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