Recently Eerdmans Publishing Company discovered that a commentary on Ephesians and another commentary on Philippians by the same author contained a considerable amount of material that was not written by the author. [1] The trouble was not that author made use of the work of other authors to make his book better. Rather, the problem … Continue reading Plagiarism

Work in the New Year

God calls all of us to be involved in some form of work. Some of us work on a farm, while others of us work in offices, still others in restaurants and factories. Others have jobs in fields like engineering, chemistry or another mathematical ¬†or scientific field. In addition, we each have talents and abilities … Continue reading Work in the New Year

Reflections on lawn mowing

I was just sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather and my eye fell on the grossly overgrown lawn in the backyard. We have been getting tons and tons of rain in West Michigan over the last several weeks (including a pretty sizable storm last night complete with some of the loudest canon shot thunder one … Continue reading Reflections on lawn mowing