Work in the New Year

God calls all of us to be involved in some form of work. Some of us work on a farm, while others of us work in offices, still others in restaurants and factories. Others have jobs in fields like engineering, chemistry or another mathematical  or scientific field. In addition, we each have talents and abilities … Continue reading Work in the New Year


Fire is one of the most amazing powers in God's creation. Sitting by a bonfire on a cool evening can be relaxing and mesmerizing. Fire, however, can also be deadly. Many people were killed in fires after the San Francisco  earthquake of 1906. Many others perished in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and in … Continue reading Fire

Riding on the Wings of the Wind

God's wonders are displayed vividly throughout creation. He created plants and animals in such a way that they are adapted to their environment perfectly. The sun, moon, stars, and planets all revolve in a God-ordained course in space. But one of the most spectacular ways God reveals His power is in the weather and specifically … Continue reading Riding on the Wings of the Wind