Childlike Faith

“Out of the mouths of children…” All my life I have been told, and have told others, “not to act childish.” There are several different adjectives that may be used to describe someone acting childish. Obnoxious, babyish, annoying, immature, selfish; all of these are undesirable attributes. This however, is a collection of the worst characteristics … Continue reading Childlike Faith

Comfort between Breaths

I broke down as the news entered my ears and my heart shattered into hundreds of beautiful pieces. It hurt to breath; it brought pain to think about that one dreadful word, “death.” Between the sobbing and the meltdowns and hugs I forced my brothers to give me, my heart cried, “I am not my … Continue reading Comfort between Breaths


Throughout our lives we have answered to various kinds of authority: parents, teachers, bosses, and ministers among them. As long as they tell us to do things that are in accordance with God's laws, we must listen to them. Ultimately, however, we owe our chief allegiance to God and are commanded to walk in His … Continue reading Jehu