“A Fool’s Mortification” (1)

An Allegory, by Mike Murrell There once was a wise man travelling on an adventure who was tasked with delivering food to a church. Strolling along a path next to a lake of murky waters, he noticed a tiny little worm-like creature submerged in water with its head sticking out. It was waving back and … Continue reading “A Fool’s Mortification” (1)


A month ago we had a significant windstorm in the Grand Rapids area. Lightning, thunder, heavy rains and an isolated tornado were accompanied by high winds that leveled trees and knocked out power for two days or so.  I commuted to work that Friday morning alright, but when I went use the trails they were … Continue reading Obstacles

Samples from Seminary-You Can Flee

Genesis 39:7-12 records the well-known story in which Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife, who attempted to seduce him on a day-to-day basis. At seminary, one of the professors asked us students to provide the main idea of this passage. With a measure of confidence, I responded: “this passage calls us to flee fornication, even as … Continue reading Samples from Seminary-You Can Flee