Digging Deeper: Who Am I?

Do you know who you are? If you asked me this question a year ago, I most likely would have said β€œyes!” and given a list of things I like or stated something about my personality. All those things listed might be true, but this display of facts would only have given you a surface … Continue reading Digging Deeper: Who Am I?

Samples from Seminary – De Spectaculis

Today we have a lesson from church history on the topic of entertainment. The figure in church history that we are interested in is Tertullian. He lived into the 3rd century and is well known for his work in developing the doctrine of the Trinity. Today though, I want to call attention to another important … Continue reading Samples from Seminary – De Spectaculis

Spiritual songs versus songs for enjoyment

My last post was on praising God with the gift of music. In that post I expressed how music is to be used to the glory of God, and is not made for ourselves. Though it may be enjoyable to us, we do not simply make music for our enjoyment and to have a good … Continue reading Spiritual songs versus songs for enjoyment