Athanasius (2)

This concludes a short series on ancient church history. Athanasius had numerous and varied writings, but this paper will divide them into three categories: pre-Arian, anti-Arian, and other writings. Before the Arian controversy broke out over the empire, Athanasius wrote two works entitled Against the Gentiles and On the Incarnation. These two treatises mirror much … Continue reading Athanasius (2)

Athanasius (1)

This continues a short series on ancient church fathers. At the beginning of the fourth century, the post-Apostolic church had been tested in the fires of persecution, and by the blood of the martyrs the church had grown. But doctrinally she was still a babe. She had the testimony of martyrs; now she needed to … Continue reading Athanasius (1)

John Chrysostom (2)

This continues a series on ancient church fathers. The spirit of the sacred volume moved Chrysostom to influence the church of his day in especially two respects. First, Chrysostom labored for practical reform within the Church. Neander relates that Chrysostom “was ever pressing this point, that every house should be a church; every father of … Continue reading John Chrysostom (2)