Abide With Me

I believe in God the Father.

I know He made all things. 

I know He alone has power,

and He alone is King.


I believe in Jesus Christ,

The only natural heir. 

His glory as the Son of God

Is glory t’which none compare


This Jesus took on human flesh,

A virgin brought Him forth. 

His sighs were answered with cattle cries,

His chills with scraps of cloth.


The people He came to said “No,

Our kingdom is earthly!”

My Lord and Savior suffered here,

Accused of blasphemy.


Pont’us Pilate gave him to

The cursed, sacred tree.

He died alone, suspended there: 

He gave His life for me.


His body they placed in a grave,

His soul had suffered worse.

He faced the gate of Hell itself.

He satisfied my curse.


On day the third he rose again,

The stone was rolled away.

The work that he’d been sent to do,

My guilt, it had been paid.


The Lord unto His Christ then said

“Sit thou at my right hand.”

Our Savior went to glory and

He now rules all the land.


He’ll be there ‘till the end of time,

When He shall come again.

He’ll come in all His glory then,

To judge the quick and dead.


The time between that day and now

Is stretched out dauntingly.

In space between the Holy Ghost,

He lives inside of me.


My Christ sent me His Comforter,

did not just leave me be. 

I’m not alone while on this earth,

My Lord abides with me. 

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