20/20 Vision

Out of all the senses that God has blessed us with, our eyes dictate our actions and feelings more than any other sense. We judge distances, colors, textures, and sadly, even fellow classmates purely on what we see. Driving, playing sports, or even staring out the window and admiring God’s creation would be impossible without the delicate eyes that God has created. As a result of sin, our eyes do not always work perfectly. Some are born with a lazy eye or need thick glasses to make out the individual leaves on the trees or just to see the front of the classroom. Some people are even born blind and never have the privilege of sight. Modern technology has created glasses so many who couldn’t see, now can. We all want to have 20/20 vision. 

As humans, we like to be in charge and know what is coming next, and so we long for that perfect sight. But even if we have perfect vision of the marker board or the book that we are reading, we are still as blind as a bat when it comes to our future. We can make guesses as to what will happen but we never know for sure. This year has been a clear example of this. 

The year 2020 started out normally; then God reminded us that He is ultimately in charge. He alone has true 20/20 vision. He is the one leading us by the hand through life. We can look back and clearly see what has happened in the past but when we look forward, it is all blurry. We may squint our eyes and try to make out the shapes and shadows we see in the distance, but we need God’s guiding hand to lead us through, for only He knows what’s up ahead. COVID is one of those dark shadows we see ahead but do not know how long it will last or how our future will be affected by it. This may cause us to fear. As humans, we like to know what is ahead, but the reality is that we are blind and have no control over our life at all. Blessed be God who does not leave us to grope around aimlessly in the shadows of our future but gently takes our hand and guides us through! 

He gave us eyes so that we may look to Him in times of distress and need. We do not NEED to look ahead for He is our eyes for the future. We only need to look up into His eyes and be assured that He loves us and is guiding us in love. As we near the end of this year with an election, COVID cases, and civil unrest, we need not fear. With eyes of faith, look to the one who can lead and guide us through life. He alone has true 20/20 vision and will lead us in love through this life until He gathers us in His arms to enjoy eternal life with Him in glory.

Arianne VanUffelen

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