“No man can survey himself without forthwith turning his thoughts towards the God in whom he lives and moves.” (John Calvin, The Institutes of the Christian Religion).

I recently stumbled across this quote and have been stuck on it ever since. Every time I start looking at who I am, I can’t help but see my Creator. He is the one who made me. He is the one who knows everything about me. I see Him in every aspect of me.

First of all, I think of God when I consider the physical me. I have the same thoughts as David did in Psalm 139:14: “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Who am I? A 5’10” woman with curly brown hair and blue eyes—and God has given me each of those attributes to make me Grace, His chosen child. Before the world was even created, God knew who I was and what I looked like because He lovingly chose me! That gives me goosebumps! How great a God I serve! He created me perfectly so I can glorify and serve Him my whole life long. I can even say God created me just to remind me that He is God, the Holy One who deserves all praise!

Then I look at the people I am surrounded by. I have a godly father and mother who do all they can to make sure I am raised in the fear of God, and because of that, I am brought to my knees to thank my Father in heaven. I have ten younger siblings to be an example for and to help along this pilgrim path that we all are on. Being the oldest of a large family often reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3: there are often times of weeping, times of laughing, times of getting, times of losing, times of loving, and times of hating. Yet I am reminded in all these times that God put me in these situations for a reason, and that is so I can learn to glorify Him at all times. He gave me all my siblings because He loves me and knows what is best for me. My God works everything for my good! So once again I am moved to consider God by examining myself.

An investigation into my life reveals how poorly I actually measure up to all of God’s requirements. I sin constantly, and I even go back to sins I know are wrong! I struggle with loving my siblings all the time. I make excuses so I don’t have to do personal devotions. I complain about people in my college classes. I can surely say with Paul that I am the chief of sinners. Now after this investigation, I could just continue looking at myself and have no hope because I am a such a lawbreaker. However, I can (and not only can, but must!) look to God and praise Him, even in all my sins! Because He loves me so greatly that He punished His Son on the cross to satisfy His wrath. God has forgiven each and every one of my sins and does not even look at them anymore because Jesus paid for them all! What an amazing reality! What an amazing God!

I can do nothing after these considerations but praise God. Praise Him for eternity! I am nothing without Him. I can do nothing without Him. I would have nothing without Him. I owe my Father everything, and so I will glorify and serve Him with my whole being for my whole life.

I know that these thoughts are mine, and tailored to me. However, every single person that reads this should do the same thing. Survey yourself, and you will discover that you will see God in every aspect of who you are. It is amazing to realize that God has directed and is directing everything in your life…for your good!

Grace Medema


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