Samples from Seminary–an Introduction

Hello, I am new to this blog, so an introduction is in order. My name is Matt Kortus; I am an aspiring pastor studying at the Protestant Reformed Theological School. The seminary instruction that my classmates and I receive not only serves to prepare us for the ministry, but also serves to edify us spiritually. Therefore, much of what we learn applies not just to future pastors, but also to Christians in general. Often while sitting in class or discussing a topic, I think to myself: “Everyone should hear this! Everyone would benefit from learning this!” And so, I intend to start sharing some samples of the things that I have learned at seminary that I wish everyone could know. I plan to do so on this blog, under the rubric: Samples from Seminary.

In deciding on a title for the rubric, I have in mind the samples made available at stores like Costco. Each store sets out bite-size tidbits that rouse the shopper’s taste buds and encourage them to buy the product. Thus, as I write, I will make a conscious effort to limit the posts to “bite-sized” portions. In addition, I hope that these samples from seminary will not only stimulate spiritual growth as you read, but also encourage you to seek out additional spiritual nourishment.

Now, it must be stated that much of what I intend to write will be things that I learned from the professors. Many of the Scriptural insights or helpful explanations belong to them. In addition to their instruction, I intend also to draw from the fruits of my own studies at seminary. My goal is simply to pass along small portions of what I have learned to a wider audience.

Matt Kortus

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