Book Recommendation

I recently read a book by Dr. D. James Kennedy called Why the Ten Commandments Matter. Dr. Kennedy is the Senior Pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In this book, he treats each of the Commandments individually and talks about how they apply to our lives as Christians and how they apply to our relationship to God. For example,  he addresses how we steal time from God when we don’t do what He requires us to do. Dr. Kennedy mentions how we are sinful and can’t keep God’s commandments perfectly. Overall I found the book interesting, informative, and beneficial. However, there is something that you need be aware of if you read the book. He talks of our need to accept Christ and follows an Arminian theology of faith and works. The reader will have to exercise discernment when reading this book. That Arminian theology notwithstanding, we can benefit from and be edified by this book.

Kevin Rau

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