Going to Church

Is church boring for you? When it comes to going to church do you dread sitting through the prayers and the Bible reading and that long sermon? Some even use this as an excuse not to go to church: “It will be boring, I never will get anything out of it,” they may say. I think everyone has these thoughts when thinking about church or when sitting in the sanctuary waiting for church to start. I also think that everyone realizes that this is a wrong way of thinking, but why is it wrong?
Well first of all, the focus of worship is God. The purpose of every worship service is to praise God and to worship our great God. And what a great God we have! Think about what He’s done for you. He’s given you a house, clothes, food, friends, a family, a church family; the list could go on and on, but most importantly, God has given us salvation. And this is our greatest need. All through the week we sin, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute. But every single one of those sins is forgiven by God.
We are supposed to see God’s greatness and worship Him every single day, but God has given us church to worship Him in a special way. When we can see all the great things God has done for us, and see what an awesome God we have, worship should be easy for us! It should be natural to want to come into His presence in a special way in church. This Sunday, hopefully, the greatness of God will be seen, and the worship of God will not be viewed as boring by anyone!
Abbie Eriks

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