Preparing for Worship: Psalm 122:1

Psalm 122:1: “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.”

It is Saturday night. We set our alarms so we can get up on time, maybe think about what we have to bring to church or what we have to do to prepare for Young People’s or Young Adults. On Saturday night I would dare say that most of us do think about the fact that tomorrow is the Lord’s Day. But what is our attitude as we think about this fact? Does it excite us? Does it disappoint us? Or maybe this thought seems to have no effect on us at all; it’s just a fact of life for us.  God has something to say about our attitude on Saturday night when preparing for worship the next morning: be glad.

Imagine a person in the Bible times. They did not have cars or planes, obviously, so when the wanted to go worship God in the temple at Jerusalem, they had to walk. For some this could take days. When they arrived at Jerusalem, imagine the joy and relief the weary travelers must have felt reaching the place where they could worship and sacrifice to God. After a long and tiring journey they were glad finally to find a place to rest.

Our week is like this journey. It is long and tiring to be out in the world all week long, fighting against the devil and the temptations and hardships he throws at us. If we see that church on Sunday is a time and a place for us to rest from the weary “journey” we had throughout the week, we will be glad to go to church, and we will be glad that it is Sunday. Joy should fill our hearts. This will not be hard if we see that God gives us this day as a day to rest and worship Him. What an amazing day Sunday is!

Abbie Eriks

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