Be still and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10

This passage brings great comfort to God’s children. Sometimes in the business of our lives it is good to sit and reflect on this passage and what it means to us personally. It is so easy to become busy with work, school, family, and friends that we forget about God or don’t think of Him as often as we should. Those earthly things become big and important to us, and God becomes smaller and less important. Then God gives us a passage like this. Be still. Stop what you are doing. Stop thinking about earthly things, earthly pleasures, worries, or cares. And know that I am God! God gave. He sends us everything in our lives, and we can’t take credit for any of it. If it’s money, He gave it. If it’s a job loss, He took that. He orders our lives and performs His will for our good. And in everything, He is good, and He is God. Never can we question the wisdom of our God in giving or in taking. Never can we think that we are wiser or that if things had gone a different way it would have been better. God knows what we need, and He gives just that. So be still. Ponder the greatness of our God. Think of His love for you and for me! And know that He will remain our God.


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