Lessons from Sunday school

One of the highlights of my Sundays is seeing those little preschool-aged faces lighting up when we talk about God’s love, forgiveness, and all the great things He has done. A recent lesson we had was on Jesus’ miracles and healing the man sick with palsy. There are lessons in this story that not just the littlest of children can appreciate, but I was struck by the amazing power of God as well. This man was confined to his bed, unable to move one side of his body, unable to care for himself. Mark 2 points out that four of this man’s friends cared about him so much that they wanted Jesus to heal him. They knew He could. He had a reputation by that time of being a great healer, so they climbed up onto the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching, removed the roof tiles, and lowered the man down on his bed, so he was at Jesus’ feet. So Jesus miraculously heals him, so that the man can stand up and carry his bed out of the house. Yes this ability of Jesus to heal people is amazing! But even more amazing is His ability to say to that man that he has been forgiven. We too are sick spiritually. We never love God as we ought. We don’t treat each other as we ought. We all know that we have a sinful nature that despises to obey God, our parents, our teachers, and others. Each one of us struggles with specific sins that we don’t want others to know about. God knows! He sees us in our worst moments, in our lowest times. He knows how filthy black we are, but He still has forgiven us, His precious chosen people. It’s hard to think how such an Awesome, Righteous, Holy God would care about sinful, filthy, black sinners as we are, but He does. Not only does He care for us, but also He forgives us and heals us within. He creates a new, righteous, godly spirit within us, that new man that wants to and strives to do His will. He makes our hard hearts of stone into soft hearts of flesh. And none of this is because of anything that we have done. It’s all for His glory and because of His unconditional love. This struck me in a special way as I tried to explain the depths of God’s forgiveness and love to the little children. But as adults, it’s something that we can appreciate more and more fully as we see our sin and know our forgiveness.


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