A 5-Year-Old Bookworm! She reads 875 Books in Kindergarten – ABC News

A friend over at the Three R’s posted this gem of a story yesterday. I think we can all learn from this young lady for her passion to read! (And apparently Mr. Terpstra’s granddaughter too. Maybe she can make an appearance at his upcoming Talking Points!)
-Alex Thompson

The Three R's Blog

5-Year-Old Reads 875 Books in Kindergarten – ABC News.

Now here’s a great story to start our Friday Fun day: a Kindergarten student from Lake Charles, LA who has read 875 books this year! When this story first broke on Wednesday, I saved it for a “Friday Fun” posting. Since then it has spread to all the major networks, no doubt, because it is such a breath of fresh air. The reports of this little girl’s reading passion is a real inspiration – to children and to adults! I only wish I had that kind of time in my life now.

Below is a portion of the story as ABC News carried it. Read all of it at the link above.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, and for 5-year-old Sophia Moss, that would be true.

Upon looking at her, you’d never believe little Moss…

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