Dear Single Young Person

Dear Single Young Person,

I overheard you talking to your friend after church last week.  I didn’t hear everything, but what I heard made me kind of sad.  I heard you say “Oh, they won’t want my help.  I’m just a single young woman.”

You probably know your Bible as well as anyone, so you know about those verses in Romans 12.  You know, the text that talks about the body of Christ having many members, but each member having a different, important function.  Directly applied, it means that whether you are single or married you have an important part in the church.

Whether you are dating, waiting, or content in your singleness, you are necessary for the body of Christ to function at its best…necessary for the church to glorify God while on this earth.  The church is incomplete without its single members!  If we as married people have overlooked you or your gifts in any way, then shame on us.  I Peter 4:10 calls each of us to use our gifts to serve each other.  It doesn’t say that married people can use their gifts in the church, but single people cannot.  In fact, I Corinthians 7:7-8 even says that sometimes singles can better serve the church!

We have been blessed with so many wonderful gifts.  God has given us the wonderful, free gift of salvation, and then as if that wasn’t enough, He has put into each of us our individual gifts and talents!  Part of our grateful response should be that we show our love for God by sharing our gifts with each other.  Our life of service flows out of our love for God.

But what can you as a single person do to serve in His kingdom?  And what is your function as part of the body of Christ?  Check back tomorrow for some practical ideas.


Your married friend

Lisa De Boer

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