Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Due to events that have happened recently in my church family, and events in my own life that happened around this time of year four years ago, I’d like to spend a couple of articles dealing with the Christian form of grief and the grieving process. I’m no psychiatrist, but I would like to share … Continue reading Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Lessons from the mountains (1)

"When I look down from lofty mountain granduer...Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee! How GREAT Thou art!" This song ran through my head over and over this past week at the Edmonton retreat. We retreaters were taken into the Canadian Rockies for a few days, and all of us experienced the feeling … Continue reading Lessons from the mountains (1)

Walking through the valley of the shadow of death

For most of us; no, I dare say all of us, suffering is something we wish to avoid. This is a natural human response, and by no means wrong. Most of us are blessed to live in communities which are largely sheltered from the more vicious aspects of earthly life. This is a blessing from … Continue reading Walking through the valley of the shadow of death