The Resurrection of God’s Son

All the Scriptures witness with one accord of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, the wonder of God. Sometimes even when we least expect it, the Word of God points us to the infinite significance of this wonder. That is the case in the first chapter of the epistle to the Romans, vs. 3 and 4 … Continue reading The Resurrection of God’s Son

He Suffered

Strange as it might seem, the Christian Church has always summed up the whole earthly existence of her Lord in the two simple words: He suffered. Many others have attempted to write a glowing biography on the “life of Jesus”. Yet the Church has insistently confessed only this “He was conceived by the Holy Ghost, … Continue reading He Suffered

“Public Confession of Faith”

This speech was recently added under the Resources tab and can be accessed there at any time. It was delivered by Prof. Russell Dykstra for the Young Calvinists in March of 2022, and is a profitable listen for any young person considering making their Confession of Faith, as well as for any Christian who needs … Continue reading “Public Confession of Faith”