John Chrysostom (2)

This continues a series on ancient church fathers. The spirit of the sacred volume moved Chrysostom to influence the church of his day in especially two respects. First, Chrysostom labored for practical reform within the Church. Neander relates that Chrysostom “was ever pressing this point, that every house should be a church; every father of … Continue reading John Chrysostom (2)

John Chrysostom (1)

Having posted several articles on ancient church heresies, this post begins a short series on ancient church fathers. Again and again, God raised up men of extraordinary faith and ability to preserve His church. The days in which John Chrysostom lived were not unlike our own. Within the church, superficiality and worldliness abounded.[1] Outside the … Continue reading John Chrysostom (1)

Montanism (2)

This continues a short series on ancient church heresies. The church condemned Montanism. “The believers in Asia met many times in many places to investigate the recent utterances, pronounced them sacrilegious, and rejected the heresy… Then at last [the Montanists] were excommunicated and ejected from the church.”[1] These meetings were likely some of the first … Continue reading Montanism (2)